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Istil Group rides out Ukrainian turbulence

For as long as he has been operating in the country, the founder and co-owner of Istil Group, Mohammad Zahoor, says that Ukraine has faced problems. Which is why, despite having business assets seized as a result of current political frictions, he is pre

Девелопмент гостинницы Renaissance Kiev Hotel

Продолжатся девелопмент гостиницы Renaissance Kiev Hotel, которая будет первой из представленных в Украине гостиниц сети международного гостиничного оператора Marriott Renaissance

Mohammad Zahoor: Some suggested steps to a peaceful solution in Ukraine

In my first blog for the Huffington Post earlier this Summer I outlined a number of suggestions which I hoped, if taken, might steer Ukraine away from all out war with Russia. At that point the new Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko had been in office

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